Galbalan in Wanderers from Ys

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Galbalan (also called Demanicus in early versions) is the true villain and final boss of Ys III: Wanderers From Ys and it's remake Ys: The Oath in Felghana.


Galbalan is an ancient demon, having been created by the Clan of Darkness as a weapon of mass destruction. However, it gained sentience, going on a rampage and terrorizing the land of Felghana until he was confronted by the legendary warrior Genos. With the help of the Winged Ones (the goddesses of Ys), Genos was able to defeat Galbalan and imprison him inside four statues, which were then scattered around Felghana.


Galbalan in Oath in Felghana

Centuries later, Galbalan was able to telepathically talk with the bishop Nikolas Garland, who became his enforcer and started to look for the statues to resurrect his new master. Garland manipulates both Chester Stoddart and Count McGuire to retrieve the statues, successfully getting hold of them after Chester is confronted by Adol, who was attempting to stop their plans. Garland leaves to Genos Island along with Elena, Chester's sister, as the two siblings were the last descendants of Genos, and thus one of them was required as a sacrifice for Galbalan's full resurrection. After Adol goes to the island and kills Garland, he confronts Galbalan and defeats him. However this was not enough to stop the demon, so Chester sacrifices himself to destroy the entire island, which finishes off Galbalan for good.

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