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Galactic Fiend Kraken
The Galactic Fiend Kraken is a minor villain in the Video Game: Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's a giant galactic sea monster that attacks the Space Pirates' Ship.


When Pit was trying to find the Three Sacred Treasures from the Space Pirate Captain, to confront Medusa, a Galactic Fiend Kraken appears right out of nowhere, attack the ship and processed to eat the captain. Afterwhich, the Kraken attempted to kill Pit. After a short battle however, Pit managed to kill the Galactic Fiend Kraken.

When Pit was trying to acquire the Great Scared Treasure, the Kraken, that was recreated by Dyntos appears again as one of the test to acquire the Treasure. The Galactic Fiend Kraken was defeated roughly the same was as before.

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