You will now fight a warrior who was sealed away for fear his power was too great. I will now summon this great warrior once more. ...3...2...1...GO!
~ Nova summoning Galacta Knight for Meta Knight

Galacta Knight is a major recurring antagonist in the Kirby franchise.

A powerful warrior who was sealed away due to his immense power, Galacta Knight is summoned by Meta Knight, and is the final boss of the "Meta Knightmare" mode in Kirby Super Star Ultra and the penultimate boss of the "True Arena" mode, where he fights Kirby as well. After his defeat, Galacta Knight would continue to appear as a boss in future games as well, becoming potentially the most powerful recurring enemy Kirby has ever fought.


In Meta Knightmare, Meta Knight goes on a quest to find the legendary Nova in order to fulfill his only wish: to defeat the strongest warrior in the Galaxy. Once Meta Knight finally summons Nova and makes his wish, Nova tells him of a warrior who was so powerful that he was sealed away for fear that his power was too great. After summoning Galacta Knight, he and Meta Knight race to a nearby moon and begin their battle. After a long fight, Meta Knight manages to destroy Galacta Knight and returns home, now even stronger than before. During the True Arena, Galacta Knight is somehow revived and fights Kirby, although he is defeated yet again. Galacta Knight appears in Kirby's Return to Dreamland in the "True Arena", fought shortly before Magolor. Other than that, Galacta Knight has no impact on the story, but is speculated to be the one who told Magolor of Kirby's exploits, which would make him the Bigger Bad of the story.

Galacta Knight appears once more as the hidden final boss and Bigger Bad in Kirby: Planet Robobot in Meta Knight's story mode, Meta Knightmare Returns. He is summoned from his dimension from the incredibly powerful supercomputer, Star Dream, to challenge Meta Knight in one final battle to see if Meta Knight can become the new admin of Haltmann Works Company. Star Dream notes that Galacta Knight may end up destroying a planet or two, but the results of the battle matter more. Upon being summoned, he turns around and demolishes Star Dream in a single swipe, before unleashing a barrage of all-new attacks on his old nemesis. Upon his third defeat, Galacta Knight is placed into a crystal prison and sent back to his dimension.

He returns as the penultimate opponent to Kirby in the "True Arena", and returns from his prison. Upon his final defeat, he appears to flash around the screen and explode, but reveals that he is not dying and rockets off, escaping once again. His incredible damage done to Star Dream, however, forces it to turn into Star Dream Soul OS, making it Kirby's final opponent in the "True Arena".



  • Galacta Knight is generally considered to be one of the most powerful enemies Kirby has ever faced, potentially ranking along with characters such as 0, Nightmare and Dark Mind, as he is stated to be powerful enough to obliterate entire planets.
  • Since Galacta Knight was not destroyed nor re-imprisoned by the end of Kirby Planet Robobot, it is heavily implied that he will return, likely in the upcoming Kirby game planned for 2018.