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  Galacia Morgan is the unseen antagonist in the Creepypasta story The Midnight Chat. The main character is on FaceBook at midnight and he gets a friend request from somebody named Galacia, who starts a conversation with him. Galacia says that she's naked now and does he want to see her? The protagonist thinks she's joking and accepts but she begins asking unnerving questions such as Why're you out of your room and Why're you not answering me? Then the protagonist goes to check if anyone's in his house but his parents are asleep and it's normal and it's also one-twenty in the morning. He then finds on FaceBook more messages come from the girl saying  I'm horny right now why the fuck aren't you in your room? He then gets blocked by Galacia the next day and doesn't go to college for fear he'll meet her. He does see a black humanoid silhouette watching him from out in his yard but he doesn't know if it's real.

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