You, persistent guy... but your life ends right now!
~ Gal Agiese

Gal Agiese is the main villain from Magician Lord.

Long ago, in the peaceful land of Cadacis, Gal Agiese emerged. He summoned various demons and plotted to take over the land. The once peaceful land is thrown into chaos, as the demons spread destruction everywhere. To make things worse, Gal Agiese summons Az Atorse, the God of Destruction. When all hope was lost, a young hero appeared and by using different kinds of magic he defeated all of the demons. In the end, he sealed Gal Agiese and Az Atorse into a collection of eight magical books. The young hero became know as the Magician Lord, and ages passed with peace reigning supreme.

However, Gal Agiese managed to break free from the seal, restarting his plan to destroy the world. He stole the books and gave them to his trusted demon lieutenants, so that he wouldn't be trapped again. Elta, the last descendant of the Magician Lord, takes upon himself the duty of defeating Gal Agiese again. By using the same magics of his ancestor, he defeats the demon lieutenants and retrieve the books, but the last two were being guarded by Gal Agiese himself, so their battle was inevitable. Elta defeats Gal Agiese, but he summons Az Atorse before being trapped again. Elta fights Az Atorse and defeats him, successfully retrieving all books.