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Gaisuikishi Uzumaquixote
Water Pollution Machine Knight Uzumaquixote (25): A servant of Nigorl who ends his sentences with "Knight", armed with a jousting lance and shield with the ability to consume anything from garbage to energy. Stuck on Earth as a stone statue after too more exposure to the clean surroundings, Uzumaquixote was found by a young Renn, thinking that it was a Kṣitigarbha statue as he prayed to it to make his mother better before she died. By present day, Renn sought out the statue when he visited his childhood home, with the Pollution Minsters and Go-on Wings fighting over it. In the end, Kegalesia revives Uzumaquixote and has him attack the Go-ongers, until Renn transforms into Go-onBlue seeing his "family" more important than his sentimentality for the statue. After ingesting Bikkurium, Uzamaquixote is scrapped after a three-pronged attack from Seiku-Oh, GunBir-Oh, and Engine-Oh after Renn perfects the Kyu-yu Soul's re-energizing powers, but not before revealing his master being on Earth as well. Uzamaquixote is named after the Japanese word for "spiral" and "whirlpool" and Don Quixote.


  • Height: 213 cm to 53.2 m
  • Weight: 240 kg to 600 t

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