Half-Man, Half-Mech Gadget Cop is a cyborg cop turned bad after the Madow organization took his hero-ness away and an antagonist from Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble.


Gadget Cop was an attraction in the Movieland theme park, but his hero-ness was stolen by Madow, turning him evil. He eventually confronted Joe as he was trying to get Blue’s film back and declared him under arrest for reckless endangerment, illegal entry and wanton destruction. However, Joe completed Gadget Cop’s catch phrase for him, saying that he had 9 seconds and that was the length of the mercy of the double 9s. But Gadget Cop corrected him and said that he had 3 seconds and that his double 3s would lay down the law on anyone who tried to stand in Madow’s way. Joe asked what happened to the other seconds and what Madow was, but Gadget Cop just fired at him. Jasmine ran off to try and get the film back and Joe engaged the Half-Man, Half-Mech, saying the Gadget Cop he knew would never point his gun at anyone but a criminal. After Joe defeated him, Gadget Cop went back to normal and told Joe what had happened to him. When Joe asked what hero-ness was, the Half-Man, Half-Mech explained that it was the pure essence in the hearts of all heroes and that someone was taking it from heroes around the park for some plan. Gadget Cop then asked Joe to carry on the fight for him and Joe agreed, but asked for his autograph first.


Gadget Cop has various cybernetic enhancements that make him superhuman and wields a pair of handguns he calls "his double 3s". He also has a missile battery built into his torso and can perform a powerful dive kick. But while Gadget Cop is extremely durable, he is weak against the bullets of his own guns and water, which short-circuits him.


  • Gadget Cop is a parody of Robo Cop.