Gabrielle Steele is one of the main antagonists in the Agatha Christie video game And Then They Were none.

She take the role of Emily Brent, when she arrived to the island with the others and Naracott who didn't do anything, she was still disguise as Emily and fake her sting allergy. She didn't appear from the rest of the game until the end, when patrick enter the room and see Gabrielle pointing a gun at Vera Claythorhe and revealed she was the real owner of the house, this scene is shown after he save Lombard (Morley) or not, he can also decide if he go to save Vera or not to depent the end the player choice, she kill the judge Lawrence Wargrave for what he did to her lover, what she did it was by revenge to reunited and killed people who commited crime same if they are innocents.