Captain Gabriel T. Rorke, also known as the Ghost killer, was the protagonist turned main antagonist in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Prior to the ODIN strikes, he was the leader of the Ghosts until he and his team were sent to assassinate General Almagro in Caracas and he was left behind due to an unfortunate event. Twelve years later, he is the commander of the Federation Armed Forces stationed in the United States while seeking vengeance on his former comrades for leaving him behind.

He is voiced by Kevin Gage, who has also portrayed Waingro from Heat.


Military career

Rorke was commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps through the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, eventually making it into Force Reconnaissance. He would eventually rise to the rank of Captain.

Operation Sand Viper

In early 2005, sixty men from Tier One teams were deployed to protect a hospital and its occupants from five hundred enemy fighters. After three days of vicious fighting, the sixty men were cut down to 15, among them were Elias Walker, Thomas Merrick, Keegan Russ, Alex V. Johnson, and Gabriel T. Rorke. They decided to evacuate the occupants led by one of the remaining Tier One operators. The other fourteen returned to the line and stayed beneath the bodies of the fallen soldiers. When the enemies arrived, they fought with their weapons, their knives and eventually their fists. The remaining soldiers attacked so fiercely and so quickly that they defeated their enemies. This led to the formation of Task Force: STALKER, known unofficially as the Ghosts. Afterwards, the remaining soldiers were put under psychological evaluations in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, and Rorke was noted as the traumatic experience giving him purpose, making him much more focused and calm in combat. He was cleared for duty to lead Task Force: STALKER as Captain of the Ghosts.

Assassination of Diego Almagro

486px-Legend Never Die Gabriel T Rorke CoDG

Rorke, as Captain of the Ghosts, operating in Caracas during Operation: Return to Sender

In Caracas, Venezuela, Federation General Diego Almagro declared an act of war on the United States, ordering every US-born citizen either be killed or imprisoned. On July 8, 2015, Rorke, Lieutenant Elias Walker, Sergeant Thomas Merrick, and Private Alex "Ajax" Johnson fought in Caracas alongside the U.S. Army and the USMC in an attempt to assassinate General Almagro. During the mission, Almagro destroyed the dam, flooding the city and killing U.S. soldiers, civilians, and his own men as an act of last resort. Rorke, Walker, Ajax and Merrick survived the flood, however despite being advised by Merrick to fall back, Rorke kept on going, claiming he'll vow revenge on all of the American soldiers Almagro has killed. As they finally boarded Almagro's escape chopper, the squad engaged in a fierce fight with Federation soldiers and Almagro himself, which Rorke manages to overpower as Elias kills him with his P226 pistol. As the helicopter crashes, Elias tries to save Rorke from falling off and meeting his doom as a debris was stuck in between them, however because of the vehicle was too damaged to carry all of them, Elias made what he claims to be the hardest decision, by letting Rorke go and eventually saving the others. Surprisingly though, Rorke survived the fall and was captured by the Federation. They used extreme methods to brainwash Rorke into serving their cause and successfully turning him into a Ghost killer.

Torturing Ajax

Ten years after the ODIN strikes, while David "Hesh" Walker, Logan Walker, and Riley are on a reconnaissance mission ten miles north of San Diego, they spot Rorke in a Federation division salvaging a crashed ODIN satellite near San Diego and holding Ajax captive. He sends Ajax to the "Firebase Charlie", where he is interrogated by Federation soldiers and Rorke, where he learns of the Ghosts' safe-house in Las Vegas. When the Ghosts go in guns blazing into the stadium to rescue Ajax, they arrive too late, succumbing to his wounds and dies. After Ajax dies, the Ghosts discover Rorke's mission to kill the Ghosts and a hit list with all of the Ghosts' identities on the wall.

Federation Day

On June 15, 2027, Hesh, Logan, and Keegan are tasked with infiltrating a skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela during Federation Day and interrogate Victor Ramos, a high-ranking officer in the Federation Science Division, and obtain Rorke's location. After a stealthy infiltration and intense firefights inside and outside the skyscraper, they finally reach Ramos and obtain a laptop containing Rorke's location. Suddenly, Rorke appears on a television and taunts the Ghosts before detonating explosive charges on the skyscraper, collapsing the building and forcing the Ghosts to parachute to safety as the skyscraper collapses in downtown Caracas.

The Freeport

The Ghosts successfully hack the laptop and the next day, Elias sends in an squadron of AH-64 Apaches to clear the skies of anti-air batteries and enemy helicopters in the Freeport, a floating industrial complex in the Campeche Oil Fields in the Gulf of Mexico. After intense fighting in the air, the squadron clears the way for the Ghosts to be inserted into the Freeport. They make their way through the complex, fighting against squads of Federation soldiers, before they finally reach the safe-house and successfully capture Rorke. The next morning, while in a C-130 heading back to the United States, the Ghosts interrogate Rorke, demanding to know why the Federation is interested in the ODIN satellite crash in San Diego. Suddenly, a Federation plane attaches grappling hooks in mid-air and flips their plane upside down. Federation paratroopers climb in and extract Rorke from the plane, but not before Rorke shows his admiration for Logan and tells him to join him with the Federation. He is extracted by the Federation as the Ghosts fall from the sky and into Yucatán in Federation-occupied Mexico.

Las Vegas

After discovering that the Federation has reverse-engineered the wreckage of the ODIN Space Station, the Ghosts regroup at a safe-house in Las Vegas while Keegan delivers his debrief to the Secretary of Defense at NORAD. As the Ghosts prepare, they are sedated by tear gas and captured by the Federation. Rorke begins to torture Elias by shooting Logan in the stomach with Elias and Hesh watching. As Rorke beats Elias, Logan breaks free from his binds and pull his MP-443 Grach from his holster. However, Rorke twists his arm and forces him to shoot his father twice before meleeing Logan to the ground. Rorke shoots Elias three more times in before throwing him to the ground. As Elias says goodbye to Logan, Rorke pins him and shoots Elias in the head, instantly killing him. Rorke doesn't leave Las Vegas before Keegan intervenes and rescues the Ghosts from the hands of the Federation. He alerts all the Federation soldiers by saying "Merrick, Hesh, Logan, if you're listening....good luck."


The United States launch an offensive on the Federation, tasked with destroying a Federation satellite array in the Atacama Desert in Chile which will allow the U.S.A.F. to send a space shuttle to approach the Federation LOKI Space Station, take over the station, and launch its ordinance at Federation targets. During the offensive, Hesh and Logan launch a missile to destroy the satellite array to allow Icarus Team to take over the LOKI Space Station. Afterwards, they hop on a supply train with Rorke on board and fight their way through the train to kill Rorke. As the rods from the space station destroy the Federation below, Hesh and Logan fight Federation soldiers on top of the train fiercely, determined to kill Rorke. When they arrive at the engine, Hesh orders Merrick to destroy the train with the rods upon hearing the word "Checkmate". They breach the engine, but it explodes and propels Hesh and Logan into the locomotive, where Logan grapples Rorke and kills the Federation soldiers with his .44 Magnum. As the train's momentum shifts, Rorke stuns Logan by headbutting him, and grabs him, placing him in a choking headlock. He holds Logan hostage with the Magnum to his head in front of Hesh, forcing Hesh to drop his weapon. Rorke then shoots Hesh in the stomach and prepares to kill the Ghosts. Hesh says "Checkmate" and the space station fires its rods upon the train, derailing it and crashing it into the water below. As the train begins to sink, Hesh fights off Rorke while Logan grabs his .44 Magnum. Hesh throws him some bullets and Logan catches one, loads the revolver. With no other option, he shoots both Rorke and Hesh. The bullet punctures the windows and floods the locomotive. Logan grabs his brother and swims out of the train and he drags them both to the beach. They lay on the beach as Hesh calls for extraction from Merrick and watch the rest of the rods decimate the Federation fleet. As Hesh and Logan wait for the rescue, Rorke appears and breaks Logan's arm. After scolding him for ruining his plan, he shows his admiration for Logan's determination and spirit, and vows to continue his mission to kill the Ghosts. Hesh desperately calls out to him, too injured to stop Rorke as he drags Logan away. It is shown in the post-credits scene that Logan is in a pit in the Amazon, facing the same tortures that Rorke endured.


I am Gabriel Rorke. I have been trained by your Government to be a weapon. Trained to kill and destroy. All in the name of Liberty and Justice. Even surrender my very life in service to your country. But I am not one of you. The "Just" have turned their backs and become deaf to your cries. Who, then will show them justice? Who will show you the Liberty they have promised? The weapon they have created will be their undoing. But do not fear this. Do not fear me. It is only natural. Like the collapse of Rome, your cities will crumble and there will be great sorrow. But from the ashes of this diseased metropolis, a rebirth will occur. It will be paid for in blood and steel. Liberty must be restored. I am Gabriel Rorke, and I am here to show you the true meaning of justice.
~ Rorke in his voice recording from Rorke Files


You're right, Elias, I'm not a Ghost... I'm the man that hunts them, and sends them back to the other side!
~ Rorke before killing Elias in the mission "Sin City"
640px-Gabriel Rorke The Ghost Killer CoDG

Rorke, as seen alive in the mission, The Ghost Killer, as well as in the ending of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here, after he breaks Logan's arm, he intends to brainwash him into turning against the Ghosts, like how the Federation did the same to him.

As the former Captain and member of the Ghosts and a major ally to the Federation, Rorke is a cold and vengeful man who often played with his former teammates for moments before killing them for good. Rorke is a highly trained professional soldier and uses that as his advantage to strike fear into the enemies of the Federation for being a former Ghost. He appears to have lost all his loyalty towards the U.S., possibly showing a hint of anti-Americanism within him. He is also extremely psychopathic and bitter as he recalls the events of his betrayal and abandonment in Caracas, particularly when speaking with Elias. Although Rorke was largely seen as a sympathetic character by the Ghosts, any sympathy anyone had for him was lost after he shot Elias in the head, causing his sons to vow to kill him.


  • Rorke is the second main antagonist in the Call of Duty series to be an American, though his fall was merely due to brainwashing caused by the Federation.
  • Because Rorke survived at the end of the game, he is widely believed by fans to appear in a sequel to Ghosts as either the main antagonist or an ally.
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