Woman! Where's my beer?
~ Gabe's usual quote
Gabe Ugliano

Gabe Ugliano is Percy Jackson's lazy, disrespectful and abusive scumbag of a stepfather in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He serves as a supporting antagonist of the film.

He is portrayed by Joe Pantoliano, who also portrays Cypher.

Biography Edit

He is lazy and fat and tells Percy's mother to do everything for him, like for example, get him his beer out of the fridge instead of doing it himself. After which she does retrieve his beer to him, he then slaps her across the buttocks. Percy is disgusted by this and asks him not to do such a thing but Gabe refuses to listen to Percy. After the attack on Percy at the museum, Percy came home to talk to his mother about what happened, but Gabe rudely interrupted by remarking that "she was servicing me and my friends". Percy retaliated by calling him a "bald-headed freak", angering him and making him attack Percy, but his friend and protector named Grover stopped him and knocked him out and the three escaped.

Later, the disappearance of Percy, Grover and Percy's mother reached out on TV and Gabe told a lot of lies about what happened, saying that "due to the fact that Percy became an alcoholic and drug dealer, he knocked out Gabe and kidnapped his mother and his friend". It's unknown whether the authorities believed his story or not.

At the end of the film, Percy's mother kicked Gabe out. He goes to the fridge, but there is a paper note and a lock on it by Percy saying "do not open". Gabe angrily ignores it, smashes the fridge open and finds Medusa's severed head in there which kills Gabe by turning him into a statue when Gabe accidentally looked into the eyes.

Quotes Edit

This is MY house! YoU respect MY rules!
~ Gabe to Percy assuring his abusive dominance after he's told to respect Percy's house
Woman! Where's my beer!
~ Gabe ordering Sally around when he walks into the apartment
Can't you see she's entertaining me and my friends?!
~ Gabe interrupting Percy when he arrives at the house to save his mother