A villain from Ying Yang Yo.

Gnome flunky to Saranoia. He dislikes his superior, whose insanity he levels. His shapeshifting abilities allow him to blend in with Saranoia's forms. His solo, dark, and aggressive side's debut is in Party Favors when he teams up with Flaviour and Charles for his own personal gain of crashing Coop's "Welcome Back and Thanks For Saving Everyone From Evil By Banishing The Night Master All By Yourself" party to enter The Night Master's lair with Coop's spare key. The key breaks, filling G.P. with an enormous amount of evil energy, but not enough to become the new Night Master. He appears in Deja Foo, attending the super villains picnic with his original form that still possesses his evil

gp tranformed in Fred

personality and powers. At this point, G.P. renames himself Fr-ped, standing for Frightenengly Really Powerful Enraged Doombringer, pronouncing it Fred stating the "P" is silent while other characters refer to him as his name's spelling. In the episode Touchy Feelings, he began questioning whether he was good or evil until declaring himself evil, until being tainted by Yang's love emotion, leaving him to question his status once again. His mannerism resembles Norm Macdonald's rendition of Burt Reynolds. His tentative name was Kerlian.