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GHQ (General Headquarters) is a United Nations military organization and is the main antagonist faction in Guilty Crown. Founded after the event known as Lost Christmas, GHQ has since been the de facto army and rulers of Japan stripping the nation of much of its sovereignty.



The GHQ was founded on December 24, 2029 after the Apocalypse Virus got loose and infected Japan. Japan was decimated within hours and soon began the event known as Lost Christmas. GHQ was soon sent in and began to establish a new sense of order and stability to Japan but at a cost of the nation's pride, freedom, and independence.

Events of Guilty Crown

At the start of the series, it is 2039 and the GHQ has been in control of Japan for over ten years. Over that time, Japan had surrendered much of its sovereignty over to the United Nations and GHQ to the point where it now operates as a Quasi-Independnt nation. GHQ has provided Japan al the food, water, and resources it needs at the cost of silence and submission to the GHQ's authoritarian style of leadership. Shu then talks about how Japan can't defend or protect itself, the Japanese Government is always not he verge of collapse, and that most of Japan's resources are coming from foreign aid and it can't break that dependency. GHQ Forces are seen for the first time when a girl known as Inori gets captured by the GHQ and is dragged out by a small squad of GHQ troops led by Major Guin. He's then seen again where he is with a battalion of GHQ Soldiers in a ghetto and is interrogating Inori when she irritates him for not cooperating on who she's working for and orders the entire neighborhood to be destroyed and all its residents to be killed. After Shu uses Inori's void to destroy the GHQ Forces, they retreat and eventually attack and raid another slum and begin to do the same when Gai Tsutsugami reveals himself. He then talks about his organization known as Funeral Parlor and states how he is the leader of the organization. Guin orders that lasers be fired on Gai only to be reflected by Shu in a counter-attack and results in Guin getting killed.

After Funeral Parlor reveals itself, GHQ then calls in one of its major commanders, Segai Waltz Makoto into Japan in hopes that he will be able to manage and contain the problem that GHQ now faces. Segai manages to find Shu and arrests him after a photo of him with Gai surfaces and begins to question on why he is with Gai who's an official terrorist. Segai then gives Shu a pen after a long talk and convincing him for a short time and hands him a pen. Segai then tells him to press the red and blue buttons in a specific order to reveal his location if he's with any members of Funeral Parlor. At one point in time, Segai manages to trap many Funeral Parlor members inckluding Gai on a transport plane and traps them when the Apocalypse Virus is released upon the world again. This causes Tokyo yo be destroyed and Japan to fall under the control of the GHQ after the Japanese Government had collapsed from the outbreak and the destablilization of Japan.

Military Strength

GHQ has vast military power and very powerful. They have uncountable amounts of soldiers stationed within Japan and since GHQ is international, they have forces coming in from all over the world. GHQ Soldiers are equipped with state of the art weaponry and have advanced technology. GHQ Mechs are also very powerful since they are used to takedown armed opposition. Many of their commanders and leaders are very corrupt and psychotic which leads them to killing countless civilians and armed resistance members.


  • Glock Handguns
  • MP7 Submachine Guns
  • M16 Assault Rifles
  • Futuristic Assault Rifles
  • SMAW Rocket Launchers
  • Humvees
  • Stryker APCs
  • M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks
  • Endlave Mechs
  • Laser Weapons
  • Surface-to-Air Missiles
  • Automated Drone Turrets
  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighters
  • B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Laser Satellites


  • GHQ is similar in many respects to an "evil version" of the Global Defense Initiative from the Command and Conquer video games. Both are UN-sanctioned organizations are dedicated to eradicating an extraterrestrial plague on the Earth (Tiberium in C&C, the Apocalypse Virus in Guilty Crown), as well as fighting terrorism. However, while GDI provide humanitarian aid and avoid civilian casualties, GHQ are known to exterminate infected civilians.