The G03LM Mk2 is an elite version of the G03LM unit and miniboss in Madness: Project Nexus. It appears in stage [1-G] in the story mode and in waves 37+ of Arena Combat Mode. Its armor is exactly the same as the original G03LMs, but black in coloration with a red trim.

They are killed the same way as the G03LM Mk1, but it is much harder to do so. The G03LM Mk2 has sturdier and more secure armor than a regular G03LM, making it harder to knock off its helmet. They are also about three times as strong than their Mk1 counterparts and, once unmasked, require more ammunition to be taken down. When its mask is cracked, the G03LM will stumble for a moment, before getting ready to attack again.

Story Mode

A G03LM Mk2 appears at the end of stage [1-G], wielding a mega hammer and minigun. Once it is killed along with any other grunts, the stage ends.