Götterdämmerung was a gigantic battleship of Fourth Reich in finnish sci-fi comedy movie Iron Sky.


Its construction began in 1978. The vessel is approximately the size of a small town. Apart from its anti-gravity propulsion it also has two main reactors on its rear. The center of the vessel presents a set of rotating pistons That powers a giant gyro. The bridge of the ship sits at the front of the ship. It is heavily armoured, as it sustained at least 6 nuclear missiles from the USS George W. Bush, with little damage.


The Götterdämmerung main power supply comes from a giant nuclear fusion reactor located in the center of the spaceship. The idea behind the fusion reactor comes from Werner Heisenberg, who took the famous relative E=mc2 and reversed the process. In 1944, the first tests were launched at a unknown site in Poland, with an astounding result. The amount of energy made in a second could be compared with the amount of energy made in 10 years from all coal power plants in the world. The amount of energy the reactor makes per second is unknown, but it can be compared with the amazing amount that comes from the sun.

The heat made by the fusion is used to heat up water into steam, which powers generators and a set of huge pistons in the center of the ship, and ultimately powers the giant gyro on top of the ship which stabilizes the machine and prevent it from going off course.