Gösta is the main antagonist/anti-villain in the 2010 Swedish movie Behind Blue Skies. He was portrayted by Peter Dalle.


Gösta is known to own a hotel in Sandhamn and gets alot of money from selling cocanie which he pretend to be rat poison when he first meet Martin. He and Martin starts an friendship similar to a father-son relation and gets along well until Martin finds out he's Jenny's father and that he's selling cocanie when the police arrived with a supposed drug-dog, but it was a bomb dog. At the end of the summer, Gösta and his two men makes an drug lab in the hotel and Martin arrives with a microphone, to which he reveals to him and this causes Gösta to give him the money. The next day Gösta and his men were arrested by Stig.


He is shown to be very controlling and has an short temper but he deeply cares for those who are really close to him.


Gösta is based on a real person in the Sandhamn league.