Fyodor warhammer

Fyodor is a character from the tabletop miniature game Warhammer 40,000 and a prominent antagonist in the web video series ''If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device''.

Fyodor is an inquistor lord of the Imperium of Man who is extremely loyal to what he thinks the Emperor rapresents and bitterly opposed to any form of change to the status quo of the Imperium, believing that the Emperor's plans must proceed without intervention.

He is a ruthless judge who doesn't care for any pleas of innocence, claiming that he has punished more heretics than Macharius.

Fyodor's most famous act was when he condemned a lowly preacher from the planet Salem Proctor for revolting against a corrupt cardinal. Since then, Fyodor has been at odds with the ecclesiarchy of the Imperium.