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Fuzzy Wuzzy after

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a robot teddy bear that has the ability to transform into a giant, ferocious, two-headed, four-armed bear monster. He was Dr. Robotnik's favorite toy when he was a little baby. According to Momma Robotnik, losing Fuzzy Wuzzy was the reason her son became mean and evil.


Momma Robotnik lured and captured Tails in Chaos City, telling him that if Robotnik had Fuzzy Wuzzy again, he would turn good. When Sonic came to rescue Tails, Momma Robotnik trapped them in an electric fence and released Fuzzy Wuzzy on them. At first he appeared in his cuddly teddy bear form, but soon became the large, two headed, four armed beast. Sonic defeated Fuzzy Wuzzy by tying a rope to his leg then tying the other end to the electric fence. When Robotnik saw Fuzzy Wuzzy being electrocuted, he begged Sonic to save him. Sonic saves the robot bear monster. Fuzzy Wuzzy then drops a cake on Robotnik and his mother and sings a happy birthday song to them. Robotnik is very happy to have his favorite bear safe with him.

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