Future Man 0001

Future Man is a fictional character in the Marvel Comicbook series.


Future Man came from the year One Million AD of an unspecified potential future reality. In his time, all the worlds oceans had evaporated and the human race was on the brink of extinction. Future Man volunteered to travel back in time to the 20th century and exterminate the human race in that time so that he and his people could travel back and live on a fresh new world. From his time ship, Future Man traveled to the year 1946 and recruited the criminal Madame Death and her gang to assist him in attacks on each world continent, promising them their own domains to rule and riches. This plot was overheard by Captain America and Bucky who attacked, but Future Man tossed a dark bomb allowing them to escape. Captain America and Bucky then gathered the All-Winners Squad to patrol each continent to prevent Future Man's attacks.

Future Man first attacked Europe where he and Madame Death's gang took over a laboratory in the Swiss Alps where Future Man developed bombs carrying the Green Plague. He tested a single bomb, wiping out an entire Swiss town before mass producing more. However, before Future Man and his minions could detonate any more bombs, Captain America and Bucky intervened, causing a massive avalanche that destroyed the laboratory. However, Future Man was only present in astral form and easily escaped and Madame Death got away in the confusion. Future Man and his cohorts next traveled to South America where they constructed a massive ray that caused humans to move in slow motion causing accidents all over the country. This plot was stopped by the Whizzer who, despite being slowed down by the ray, was still able to run at super speed and smashed the device. Once more Future Man and Madame Death managed to evade capture.

In China, Future Man and Madame Death came to the rescue of pirates that were being attacked by the Sub-Mariner and conscripted them into their cause. On the ocean floor, Future Man had the pirates prepare a torpedo that would create a massive Tsunami that would flood all of Asia. Namor caught up with them and attacked. Impressed by Namor's strength, Future Man offered Namor a position in his group but the Sub-Mariner refused. Knocked out, Namor was tied to the torpedo, but the hero managed to break free and disarm it before it could explode. Escaping to Egypt, Future Man and Madame Death used a device to resurrect an entire tomb of mummies located within a pyramid to invade the country. These creatures were destroyed by Miss America who found herself briefly trapped in the pyramid, but she escaped thanks to Future Man's gloating accidentally exposing the trigger to escape the pyramid. Despite this set back, Future Man and Madame Death (also now using an astral projection of herself) were able to escape.

Going to North America, the Future Man set a fire in a Canadian forest in order to distract the Human Torch and Toro while he carried out his actual plan: Using an Atomic Match to set the entire continent on fire, starting with the American South. The Torch and Toro quelled the fire in Canada and learned of the other fire and rushed back south. There the Future Man was foiled again when the Torch and Toro were able to put out the atomic fire with its ashes. As Future Man escaped once again he threatened to blow up the entire world with a Neutronic Bomb.

There are two accounts of Future Man's defeat. In the original account, Future Man's ship was located by the heroes who then crashed it in the desert. With the heroes invading his ship, Future Man then attempted to contact the invasion force in the future but his time radio was destroyed by the Torch and Toro. Deciding to return to the future, Future Man then activated his time machine as the All-Winners Squad fled. Future Man soon realized to his horror that Captain America damaged the time engine making it so that the machine hurtled back into the past, sending Future Man and Madame Death farther and farther back in time[1][2]. In the second account, Future Man's ship was found just outside the Statue of Liberty. During the fight, Captain America tossed his shield at Future Man who turned intangible, and by complete fluke, the heroes shield struck the ships control panels damaging the radio and causing the ship to malfunction. The heroes fled as the ship was sent hurtling into the distant past.

Futur Man and Madame Death found themselves trapped one million years in the past. There Future Man worked for years attempting to repair his time machine, cannibalizing parts. During this time he and Madame Death fell in love and he told her of the future, particularly that Steve Rogers and James Barnes (the original Captain America and Bucky) were not truly dead as it was believed in 1946. However, Future Man contracted a ancient disease and died shortly after finishing his repairs. Madame Death, then used the remaining devices and traveled back to 1946 to try and get revenge against the All-Winners Squad where she perished in battle[3]

Years later, in a recounting done by the android Torch in the modern age, he somewhat snarkily alluded to the fundamental flaw in the duo's plan, being the possible erasure of the ancestors of the people fleeing the grim future. Even given alternate timelines, this approach was reckless in the extreme.