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"But I am Phoenix Wright"

Youse don't know who youse messin' with! I'm The Tiger! I control millions of dollars on the black market! Youse think I'm gonna let some jumped-up suit get the better of me!?
~ Furio Tigre
Furio Tigre is the culprit in the Phoenix Wright: Trails and Tribulations case Recipe for Turnabout.


Four months before the case takes place, Tigre was involved in a car accident in which the other person was severely injured. This person turns out to be Viola Cadaverini, granddaughter of the power mob boss, Bruto Cadaverini. An operation miraculously saved her, but it cost $1 million dollors. Bruto demanded that Tigre paid the bill in full. After this, Viola began to work at Tigre's loan shop, Tender Lender, out of gratitude.

Despite being a loan shark who charged insanely high interest rates, he couldn't meet the mark, and the deadline for payment was closing in. On the day of the murder, he met Gen Elg, a cilent of his and a computer progammer. Elg's own deadline for payment was that day and he and Tigre met at a restaurant named Tres Bien to talk abut the payment. As Gen Elg was a gambling addict and unable to pay back his debts in time, he made a deal to create a computer virus worth millions on the black market and sell it to Tigre. However, at the last second Elg won $500,000 on the lottery, removing the need to sell Tigre the virus. Tigre, knowing that this would not be enough to pay the surgery, panicked and put cyanide in Elg's tea, killing him. The restaurant's waitress, Maggey Byrde, saw this and fainted.

As the owner of Tres Bien was in debt to Tigre, he helped Tigre hide the body and the passed out Maggey in the kitchen. He then contacted Viola and told her to dress up as Maggey. Later, in front of an eyewittness, he acted out the murder with himself as Gen Elg and Viola as Maggey. This time around, Viola pretended to poison the coffee and Tigre faked death. This was to pin the blame on Maggey as the murderer. To make matters worse for Maggey, Tigre pretended to be Phoenix Wright and deliberately lost Maggey's case. Phoenix Wright later took Maggey's case and proved Tigre's guilt by tricking him into correcting Phoenix on the bottle that held the poison.


Tigre roars furiously while images of the crime flash by behind him. After he finishes screaming, the lighting of the courtroom briefly breaks. He remains in the same pose until he is brought away.

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