Furiataurus is a mighty and fiery bull-like demon and a boss from Devil May Cry 2.

This creature wields a massive hammer, and its body is made of hardened lava and flame in the shape of a minotaur, as it is still haunted by the death, agony, and resentment of the damned.


Furiataurus is a huge fire demon shaped like a minotaur with a body composed of hardened lava and flames.


Furiataurus was a demon that Arius summoned after Dante arrived at his helipad of an off-shore oil rig to try to stop him before the evil industrial tycoon got away on his company owned chopper on his way back to Uroboros City in Dumary Island. Despite its brute strength and fire powers, it was destroyed by the Son of Sparda, extinguishing the hellfire all over its body, cooling it down to the point hit became a motionless statue.

Later when Dante headed into the Demon World to face Argosax the Chaos, Furiataurus appeared as part of the demon lord's blob form.

Powers and Abilities

Furiataurus wields a massive hammer and, as would be expected, fights with hellfire based attacks. Furiataurus can also use his Hammer to create a small vaccuum of air, to bring Dante close.



  • Furiataurus seems to be based off a more classic interpretation of a demon, with hooved feet, bull horns, and a humanoid build.
  • Furiataurus is also likely inspired by the Minotaur of Greek mythology.
  • Furiatuarus' name is based on two words: Fury (Anger/Fire), and Taurus (Bull-like animal).

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