Furfur - nocturne
is the thirty-fourth highest-ranking earl of Hell and a villain from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, who is also Zepar's twin. Given the circumstances of the twins' gender, Furfur is suggested to be female since the TIPS state that Furfur is of the opposite gender from the ambiguously male Zepar. Whenever Zepar is summoned, Furfur is always summoned in unison, and has the power to cultivate emotions. Furfur can also give an inexhaustible offensive power to those who contract them.



Furfur has the appearance of a girl with mid-length, red hair and wears a brightly colored yellow dress.


Dawn of the Golden Witch

The first time Furfur and Zepar are seen is when Shannon and George challenge Kanon and Jessica for the love gold butterfly brooch which can grant love to one of the two couples. Furfur and Zepar call for Beatrice, who was the original owner of the brooch, to supervise said challenge. As they soon notice that there are two Beatrices, the twins make jokes about it, and then allow "chick Beatrice" to take part at the challenge to win Battler's heart. The first part of the love trial is solved with Beatrice's victory and the two demons happily allow Battler to join to the challenge by Beatrice's side. After the trial is over Zepar and Furfur give the brooch to the winning couple and bless their young love.


  • Furfur is based of the Great Earl of Hell who causes love between a man and a women.