First Spear, Furabiijo is a girl with a bug-headdress, first recruited by Zanto and a mistress of Bee Ninpou. She carries a notepad with info on the monsters sent to fight and uses a stamp when they die to mark them out with "X for flunking".


She was a student at a Space Ninja School until she was expelled for failing an exam. After being kicked out of her family, Furabiijo was found by Tao Zanto on Space Central Street and joined the Universal Ninja Group Jakanja. After every other Jakanja had failed, Furabiijo decided to do her own mission by creating Furabijenu. But it ended with her being kicked out when her own creation upstaged her, but she takes advantage of her demotion to trick Nanami Nono to get her and her friends to create a remote control for Furaibijenu, overpowering her creation and revealing her true colors. Though she failed, Furabiijo found the Hurricanegers' base, though the info wasn't much help.

In Hurricaneger vs. GaoRanger, she became GaoWhite, but later got whacked in the head by the real GaoWhite's Tiger Baton. In the finale, Furaibiijo and Wendinu form an allegiance with Sandaaru after he seemingly killed Tau Zant, but the two ended being blasted into Dino Earth, reappearing in Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger where they vainly attempted to join the Evoliens.

Furabiijo returned once again in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, using the Gordom Engine to return from Dino Earth. Her appearance was delayed because she claimed to have taken a walk, much to the dismay of the other villains. With her appearance, she was quickly used as an ingredient to create a new Precious, the Staff of the Three Philosophers, that powered Chronos up. When Chronos was destroyed by Burning Legend DaiVoyager, so too was the staff, and Furabiijo along with it, much to her annoyance. That was due to the fact that she had just reappeared only to be killed off in the end.

10 Years After

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Bee Ninpou

  • Hachi Kill
  • Elegant Barrier

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