Funkfreed Jumbo

Funkfreed is the sword that Spandam uses. Funkfreed "ate" the Zo Zo no Mi and became an elephant-sword. He is charged with chief Spandam's personal protection, to make up for Spandam's physical weakness.

His vocal effects are provided by Kenneth Thompson.


Funkfreed's true form.


Being a sword that has absorbed a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, the Zo Zo no Mi, Funkfreed can transform into an elephant-sword hybrid and a full elephant at Spandam's command. The Devil Fruit has also granted Funkfreed a life and mind of his own. However, given Spandam's limited skills in swordsplay, heavy reliance to Funkfreed for protection, and Funkfreed's own limited skillset, not much can be said of the sword-elephant's capabilities.

Funkfreed can transform into his various forms to adapt to fighting the opponent. He can become as heavy as an elephant, all the while maintaining the malleability of a sword.


Throughout the Enies Lobby Arc, Spandam used Funkfreed to restrain Nico Robin, and tried to attack Robin. However, Funkfreed was stopped and defeated by Franky, when the cyborg picked up the Elephant Sword and swung him to smash Spandam.