The Master of the Flying Guillotine

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Master of the Flying Guillotine - U.S. Theatrical Trailer

Fung Chu Wun Chi is the main antagonist of the 1976 Taiwanese Martial Arts movie Master of the Flying Guillotine. He was portrayed by Kam Kong


The movie is vague as to when Fung Chu Wun Chi went blind, or whether he was born that way.Some time before the beginning of the film, Fung Chu was an assassin for the Ching Dynasty, in who's service he used the Flying Guillotine, one of the deadliest and most mysterious weapons in the world of martial arts.He also trained 2 Taiwanese Lammas to be deadly assassins, who were both killed by the One Armed Boxer. 

Master of The Flying Guillotine

The movie begins with the Master of the Flying Guillotine in his mountain home, when he gets a message from a bird (which he reads with his fingers) that tells him that his disciples were killed by the One Armed Boxer. In a fit of rage, the old master kills most of the birds at his mountain home and blows up the buildings with explosives. 

After he calmed down, Wun Chi came up with a more elaborate plan to kill the One Armed Boxer. He shaved his beard to be less recognizable, as well as hiring 3 foreign martial artists to help him fight the boxer. While seeking to kill the boxer, Wun Chi would kill anyone he found who could possibly be the one-armed boxer (even a patron at a restaurant who claims to be him as a joke). 

As the film goes on, Fung Chu Wun Chi kills many people close to the One-Armed Boxer, who in turn manages to kill Chi's 3 assassins. During the final confrontation, The One Armed boxer uses a variety of traps, including some to exploit Chi's blindness in order to defeat the Master.

He is eventually killed in a coffin shop, where he's punched upwards through a roof, and falls into a coffin that the One Armed Boxer pushed into place