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Fun-Meal Buzz is the former main antagonist of the 2011 Toy Story Toon Small Fry.

Small Fry

He is first seen with the Fun Meal Zurg when he talks about being played with. He then ambushes Bonnie's Buzz and replaces him with himself in the ball pit. Bonnie takes Fun Meal Buzz and Rex home. Fun Meal Buzz managed to convince Rex that the plastic in the ball pit made him shrink. When they get Bonnie's room, the toys know this is not the real Buzz (except a gullible Rex). As Fun Meal Buzz skates around the room, eagerly awaiting playtime, Woody tries talking to him but the little toy snatched his hat and slapped Hamm in the rear before he is tackled. The toys tie Fun Meal Buzz to a glue bottle until the real Buzz finally escapes the restaurant and returns to Bonnie's room. In the end, real Buzz takes him back to the Poultry Palace, where Mini-Buzz joins the support group for Discarded Fun Meal toys and becomes his "sponsor."