Fulton Greenway is Walter Hobbs' boss and the hidden main antagonist of the 2003 Christmas comedy film Elf, despite having little screen-time, and its 2014 TV animated remake Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas.

In the film, he was portrayed by Michael Lerner, who also played Biderman in Blank Check, and in the cartoon, he was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried who also voiced Iago in Aladdin.


He is a grumpy, hot-tempered, condescending, and uncaring man who is feared among his employees. However, when he walked into Walter's office, he seemed like a stern, yet still a calm and decent guy. That is not until he said that the books still would not be good, even if the two pages were in there.


In the live-action film, he is an average-sized, middle-aged man with white hair and brown eyes. In the animated film, he is a short man with black hair and green eyes that have red pupils. He also has a beard.



Although he is the film's main villain, his role in the film is small. He first appears in Walter's office with a failed children's book that Walter had published his niece read. After complaining about how awful the book and 2 missing pages and a minus 8, he firmly demands that Walter finds a new book to publish by December 24 or lose his job. Though it is Christmas Eve, Fulton shows no feelings towards the wondrous night. This could imply that Fulton cares little to nothing for the holiday and his family.

After the failed meeting with Miles Finch, Walter sends Buddy off, saying he no longer wants him in his life. During the meeting to discuss new book ideas, Michael bursts in on Walter's meeting with Greenway to frantically tell him that Buddy is gone. After Michael points out that Walter seems to care more about himself than his family, Walter asks Greenway to reschedule. Greenway coldly refuses and threatens to fire him if he leaves, however, Walter stands up to him, and tell him "up yours". As a result, Greenway fires Walter. He never appeared again after this scene.

Afterwards, his fate is unknown. If he did face defeat, a possibility would be that his company went out of business.

Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas

In this film, Fulton had a slightly larger role. He first appears, walking down the hallway as a short, hot tempered man, yelling at his employees to get to work or they are fired.

Later, in a meeting with Walter Hobbs, Buddy bursts in to tell his father about his love, until he notice Greenway, mistaking him as an elf, and tries to place a elf uniform on him. Humiliated, Greenway declares that the next meeting to take place on Christmas Eve, and tells his employees to be there or he will fire them. He then walks off angrily.

During the Christmas Eve meeting, Michael and Emily Hobbs bursts in to tell Walter about Buddy had ran away. Walter asks for reschedule but Greenway refuses (just like in the he did in the live-action film), so Walter tells Greenway that the idea of the story and it is called "I Quit!", ironically revealing that he quits his job and leaves.

During the climax of the movie, all the naughty kids, including Greenway appeared in Central Park and start to chase after Santa's sleigh as Buddy tries to fend them off. After Santa's sleigh takes to the sky, Greenway joins him, after he has reformed.



  • Though he is referred to onscreen as Mr. Greenway, he is credited as Fulton, so his full name must have been Fulton Greenway.
  • The TV remake marks as the 11th anniversary of the original film.
  • In the animated film, he was depicted as a dwarf or midget and had more screen time.
  • In the film, he never shared any scenes with Buddy; while in the cartoon, he shares 2 scenes with Buddy.
  • It is possible that he was an influence on Walter's rudeness and arrogance.