Fulton Balcus

Fulton Balcus

These grotesques, these things are mere child's play compared to the Guyver.
~ Fulton Balcus

Fulton Balcus is the brilliant and seemingly mild-mannered president of the Los Angeles branch of the Cronos Corporation who is a malevolent Zoalord and the main antagonist of the 1990 movie The Guyver.

He was portrayed by David Gale.


He was the seemingly mild-mannered president of the Cronos Corporation's LA branch in America as well as the unquestioned chairman of the board within the corporation. He was actually an evil Zoalord whose ultimate goal was to take over the world by building armies of Zoanoids and equipping them with the Guyver units.

But when the Cronos researcher Dr. Tetsu Segawa stole the only Guyver Cronos had in its possession, Balcus sent his Zoanoid minions, led by Lisker, to kill the scientist and retrieve the unit. The real Guyver unit was instead found by Sean Barker. Using its powers, he transformed into a super-human powerhouse and killed all of Balcus' Zoanoids.

When Balcus' monsters including Lisker who lost his girlfriend in battle, defeated and killed Sean while recovering orb-like piece of the Guyver unit and capturing Sean's girlfriend Mizky along with the CIA agent Max Reed, they returned back to the Cronos LA headquarters.

Determined to obtain the Guyver, Balcus transformed into his true self, the Zoalord (a monstrous beast that resembled a spider crossed with a dinosaur) and attempted to pry the unit's control medallion from Sean's forehead, only to be destroyed by a blast of energy from the armor's chestplate.



  • The character's name and appearance are somewhat of a mixture between Richard Guyot and Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, two evil high-ranking officials of Cronos Corporation itself.