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Lupin III's Fujiko Mine.

Fujiko Mine (峰 不二子, Mine Fujiko?) is a professional criminal, burglar and "confidence trickster" from the anime and manga series Lupin III. Her name means "mountain peaks of Fuji".

She routinely makes deals with Zenigata or Lupin's current enemy in an attempt to gain freedom or loot. While Lupin normally is able to outsmart Fujiko, she is able to make off with some or all of his loot on occasion.


Fujiko is not part of Lupin's gang, but often participates in Lupin's exploits. However, as a grifter par excellence she exclusively works to serve her own interests, which usually conflict with Lupin's.

Frequently, these schemes involve her betraying Lupin to get close to the enemy, whom she intends on double-crossing at a later time as well (and sometimes, though rarely, help to extricate Lupin and the gang for the trouble she put them into, as if to atone for her misdeed). This never seems to bother Lupin, however. In the 2004 TV special, Stolen Lupin, he remarked, "Betrayal is the exclusive right of women." In the 1995 movie Farewell to Nostradamus, he told Fujiko (who had lost her memory) he almost looks forward to her betraying him.

Jigen despises Fujiko, and sees her showing up as a sign of rough times ahead, although originally, all three of the men were after her. Goemon has been known to work with Fujiko on capers when it is to his benefit, but can be equally distrustful of her when he thinks she is manipulating Lupin.

Lupin is completely infatuated with Fujiko, and will do anything for her. While Fujiko uses this, she never gets Lupin into any trouble he cannot get out of. The creator of the series has said that the two "enjoy each other", and are quite content with their bizarre yet amicable relationship, comparing it to his own marriage.[1]

Fujiko does exhibit feelings of love for Lupin, but usually only if she thinks one (or both) of them are dying. On occasions where Lupin appears to have died, she grieves and has even stated that her life has no meaning without him. However, her attitude always reverts at once when she finds him alive.

Her hobbies seem to be sunbathing, dancing, travel, shopping, swimming, other water sports, and hobnobbing with the rich and famous. An excellent shot, she usually outfits herself with a Browning M1910. Like the other members of Lupin's team, she is able to pilot virtually any land, sea, and air vehicle, with her personal preference being a Kawasaki motorcycle. Fujiko enjoys drinking, smoking, and occasionally a bamboo kiseru.


Fujiko is intelligent and crafty and uses seduction to get what she wants. She is also proficient in disguise, shooting, and stealing. She is a stereotypical femme fatale. She is also a martial artist.

She invests in get rich quick schemes which always fail miserably. This inevitably leads her to asking Lupin for help.


In the Geneon English dub, Fujiko is voiced by Michelle Ruff, whose voice appears to be similarly to Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach), Katherine McBride (Catherine), and Crimson Viper (Street Fighter IV).