Führer Taboo is the supreme leader of Dark Science Empire Deathdark and the primary antagonist of Dai Sentai Goggle V.


Taboo's exact origins are unknown, though he is stated to be a one-eyed 'super gene' product of genetic engineering. 2,000 years prior to the present time of the series, Taboo had his chief commander Grand Marshall Deathmark enter a deep slumber so he could be reawakened again when needed.

In the present day, Taboo and the Deathdark make their move to conquer the world. Taboo remained behind a translucent wall for most of Goggle V, directing things from Deathdark's fortress Deathtopia while his subordinates did most of the groundwork.

In the finale, Deathdark is stormed by the Goggle V and where Taboo is struck by Goggle Red, revealing his actual form. After Deathtopia was destroyed, Taboo emerged, giant-sized, and battled GoggleRobo, before finally being destroyed.