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Fudêncio is the main villain in the series of controversial Brazilian cartoon Fudêncio e Seus Amigos (Fudencio and Friends).  


Evil and macabre it is far from being considered a "correct hero". It is the most violent and psychotic kid of "José Mojica Marins School" being always dissing and making cruelties with their classmates, mainly by Conrado which is the unluckiest boy in school. Fudencio often walk naked, has numerous scars and thumbtacks stuck in your head.

Being the most perverse schoolboy he is never punished for the acts performed and always wins, in the end, the stories and still manages to do Conrado get screwed anyway. Fudencio is typical of a boy who would be expelled from any school, but always finds a way to be the favorite of teachers and gain positive points cheating. He's always fat stupid Popoto their willingness to help in his evil plans, beyond despicable Gothic Funérea that only helps for despising his colleagues. It is created by anthropomorphic cockroach Baltazar, who is a gentleman and a womanizer. He does not speak and communicates only by "Mee-mee-mees!".

Origin and Concept

The first appearance of Fudencio occurred in the Brazilian MTV program "Garganta e Torcicolo" (Throat and Stiff neck) in 1997 as a rubber doll unnamed, belonging to the host of João Gordo. He often served as a punching bag by the presenter who tore the head, wore her dresses, crossed knives and threw it over the walls. The character was named Fudencio from a fan, and her name is a portmanteau between the profanity "Fuder" (Fuck) and the suffix "-êncio" (-rence).

The emergence of the cartoon took place only in 2005 after the Brazilian MTV produce the adult cartoon "Megaliga MTV de VJs Paladino's" (Megaleague MTV of Paladins VJs) and decide to retrieve the character in another adult cartoon. The cartoon was very successful and soon a contract to do more seasons until 2011 emerged.