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"Fuck-Knuckle" was a nickname given to one of the villains in The Motherfucker's supervillain team. 


He is among the villains who attack the Justice Foreverheadquarters and kill Sophia and Colonel Stars; he later accompanies The Motherfucker, Mother Russia, and several other villains in a brutal attack on 218th Street, and takes part in the gang rape of Katie Deauxma along with The Motherfucker. He was later assigned "kitchen duty" on the night of The Motherfucker's brawl in Manhattan, but was attacked by Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass at the headquarters of the Toxic Mega Cunts.

Neither his real name nor his actual villain name are ever revealed;Hit-Girl calls him "fuck-knuckle" while interrogating him. His fate is unknown.


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