Appearance On Shiny Cherub Butts

Fubb first appeared as a video caller for the local talk show, Shiny Cherub Butts. He started saying random phrases, and became attached to Die and Robbie Valentino. He first called the show to help fix his injured buttcheek, which he did by drawing another one on a piece of scrap paper, and glueing it to his butt. He later left the call to go to the zoo, but he ended up breaking his neck by getting stepped on by a zebra. He reappeared at the show's studio, commanding the cast and the peanut gallery to do stupid things. He set Robbie on fire, and made him run. He flipped out because Jake offered him doritos, as he destroyed the studio. The show was put on haitus, and changed the title to Fubb Cherub Butts. He is a wanted criminal, and is still being located by the police.

He made a return once the haitus ended. He reappeared onto the show, shocking the whole audience. He forced Die to shoot Bud Gleeful and forced Robbie to run. Jake English decided to let Bill Cipher fight him off. Bill sung "Shake It Off", killing him. Though Fubb had died, the Fubb-Pocalypse was set to begin in 2 million years. He scared Jake so much, that he had to go to therapy.