Fuath - the clockwork giant

Fuath was a mechanical-monster worshipped as a god by a number of cultists - who offered the "demon" sacrifices while awaiting for the time that it could be set free upon the world again.
When Max and the crew arrived in Ireland to investigate the prophecy of a great evil being awoken they stumbled across the cultists were promptly sacrificed to Fuath.
Fuath proceeded to seemingly devour the group but Norman used his sword to impale the roof of Fuath's mouth and avoid the fiery pit below - the group then realised Fuath was not real at all but a giant mechanical puppet and they escape the castle via an exit located at the back of the "demon".
However moments later Fuath rose from the castle, now free-roaming and capable of breathing fire, yet the mechanical-fiend grow out of control and attacked his own followers as he went on a destructive rampage.
Max and the crew managed to stop Fuath by entering the machine and cutting its power-source, an ancient crystal, destroying the monster once and for all.

In the series finale Skullmaster conjured up Fuath to battle the giant robot piloted by an attacking Lava Lord, who thanks to greater intelligence and superior weaponry was able to smash Fuath into rubble.



Fuath Druids - murderous cultists

The Fuath Druids were villains that appeared in the cartoon series Mighty Max.

Followers of Fuath and descendents of the ancient druids of Ireland, these misguided humans worshiped Fuath as a god and offered him regular human sacrifices until the day he could be freed from his prison.

However the cultists were being played for fools by Fuath and upon finally being set free the mechanical monster began to destroy them, becoming their destroyer rather than their prophesied protector.

Following Fuath's defeat the Fuath Druids presumably gave up their worship of the false-deity and went back to their lives.