I killed, I had to. The blood had to be spilled.
~ Fuad Ramses

Fuad D. Ramses (17-4-1914 - 24-9-1987) was an vicious American Serial Killer store-owner and purpotrator of menslaughter active in the state of New Jersey in the summer of 1963. Ramses was a worshiper of the ancient Goddess Isthar. In 1963, he killed more than thirteen young women. Ramses took of each victim a body part, and coocked these in a cauldron in a secret room in his shop. Ramses was a respected member of the community, till his killings were discoverd. He was pursuit by Detective Pete Thornton. He was opperhanded on August 22, 1963. He lived the rest of his life in New Jersey State Prison. Ramses was allowed parol in September 1987. However, he was murderd himself soon after by Policeman Roger Wilson with a gunshot to the back. This as revenge for the murder of his aunt, which was at the hands of Ramses.

Early life

Fuad D. Ramses was born on May 17, 1914 in Miami. His mother Lyna Mary Ramses was an schoolteacher at the school near in town. His father Damien Ramses was an abusive alcoholic that hit his wife and son often. When World War I broke out, Ramses was called out to fight. However, he refused and was in 1915 taken in to custody by French troops. In 1918, his wife heard the news that her husband, while surving in the French army had died of heart failliure. From young age Fuad was a troubled young man. He was very clever and focused his life on school. He became intrested at a young age at the ancient Egyptian culture. He read a lot of books about it. Ramses was especially intrested in the legends of the Goddess Isthar. He studied Egyptian Cults at the University. He soon became so facinated by this Goddess, that he began to belive in her excistance, and started calling himself a servant of Isthar. One evening in 1932, he was suspected to have killed his mother with a machate, as offer to Isthar. Fuad Ramses was a suspect, but this has never been proven. He traveld soon traveld to New Jersey, were he began a Catering Store in a suburb. He became a respected member of the community.

The Crimes

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Fuad Ramses

On June 11, 1963 a dead girl was found her throat was slit and an arm of hers had been removed. It wasn't known who she was police suspect that this was Ramses first victim. Five other girls dissapeared in the following two weeks. The first murder were the victim was identified, took place in the afternoon of June 25. A woman that lived not far from Ramses' shop by the name of Rebecca Mecurry. She was found by investigators in her home, in the bathtub. Her right eye had been stabbed sevral times, and her left leg had been cut off. The killer, Ramses needed these body parts to ressurect Isthar. His seventh victim was killed in the late evening of July 2, 1963 at the beach near New Jersey. 22 year old Marcy Jackson was the victim. When she was found, the top of her head had been cut open and her brains were taken. Police detective Pete Thornton was investigating the case, but could only find out, that the victims had in common that they were part of a book club. Ramses' eight victim was found on July 8. She was 29-year old Maria Collens. Her tounge had been ripped out, when Police found the body. Detective Thornton learned that Ramses was asked to be the caterer at the birthday party of his girlfreind Suzette. On August 13, 1963, another victim was found, savagly stabbed, a 28-year old by the name of Jane Blake. Blake soon died in the hospital. On August 21, 1963, the case moves forward as the 30-year old family member of Suzette, Trudy Freemont is kidnapped by Ramses. Police learn that Ramses had taken Trudy to his temple. When they arrived in the early morning of August 22, they find that Trudy is dead, and find the body parts of his other victims. Also, what they found was a statue of Isthar. Fuad Ramses was chased back to the house of Suzette Freemont. When Police arrived, he was just about to hack her up with a machate. Detective Pete Thornton and his partner presuit the killer, which fled into the desert of New Jersey. Police officers prusuit him, but when Ramses fled into a garbage truck that was drving there, his right leg was crushed an mortally wounded. He would walk badly for the rest of his life. He fell on the ground and policmen couth up to him. He than was arrested.

Fuad D. Ramses was aprehanded in the late afternoon of August 22, 1963. He was taken into custody. In January 1964, he stood trail for the occult murders and mutelation of at least six young women. The Jugde by the name of Hugo Marinson found him guilty of six time first degree murder. He was sentenced to life imprisoment. In February 1964, he was transported to New Jersey State Penitentary. There he surved a twenty-seven year sentence. He told guards, there that in the years to follow, he was often abused by other inmates. Whole New Jersey was glad that the "Blood Feast Killer" as he was dubbed by media was behind bars.

List of confirmed victims of Fuad Ramses

  • Rebecca Mecurry (34) - June 25, 1963
  • Marcy Jackson (22) - July 2, 1963
  • Rosey Collens (29) - July 8, 1963
  • Jane Blake (28) - August 13, 1963
  • Trudy Freemont (30) - August 21, 1963

Parole and Dead

In 1977, 15 years afer his arrest, the then 63-year-old Ramses asked premission for parole. This was him denied. However, in September 1987, 27 years after his killing spree his psychiatrist Donald Walter said he belived that "It was safe to send him back into society". The court granted the serial killer an early release. This was confirmed on September 14, 1987 in the "New Jersey Gazette". Pete Thornton the ex-detective that had led the case collected no less than 3099 autographs of family members of victims and New Jersey citezens, against his release. Despite this, the protest and contervirsey Fuad Ramses than 73, was released finally on September 16, 1987. Officer Mark Davidson close freind to Thornton called it "tragic". However long Ramses wouldn't be free. Only a few days later Fraud D. Ramses was murderd himself. By one of his security gaurds, while escorted to a retierment-home were he would go live This because Ramses viciously attacked a young woman that was walking by and tried to strangle her. The purpetrator was a Police Officer named Roger Wilson. He had shot Ramses once. It was revealed that he was a good friend of Pete Thorton. "I wanted to stop him forever." he said. When Pete Thornton was asked for a reaction he conifmed: "Understandable. This man is dangerous even after he's free he has urge to kill. Now he is finally gone, he cannot hurt any other again." Fraud Ramses was brought to a hospital, but died a few hours after though to his wounds. Serial Killer Fraud D. Ramses died on September 24, 1987. Officer Wilson surved one month in prison, and was released as a hero by community.


In 1989 Pete Thornton released a book about the case called "Blood Feast". This book became a world-wide best seller. A few months after release Ex-Detective Pete Thornthon died of heart failliure at age 62. His wife Suzette Thornon wrote a book also: "I escaped a killer." in 1995 about when she escaped Ramses just in time. Suzette Thornton released another book in 2003, known as "Occult of Isthar" where she tries to study Ramses mind.

Suzette Thorton currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.