Fu Fang' was the archenemy of the Crime Patrol.

He was able to control replicated bodies of himself. Despite this, Doc Hazzard was easily able to identify him with his mind-reading abilities. Fu Fang was too powerful to be held in a regular jail, so he was instead placed inside a stasis chamber.

In the present day, he somehow escaped and formed an alliance with Caesar Caldoni's gang. The Lunar Avenger and the Crimson Crimebuster enlisted the Ghostbusters to defeat Fu Fang and his new henchmen. After the Caldoni gang were trapped, Fu Fang(who turned out to be a ghost in a cloned body) was also captured. The Ghostbusters at first wanted the remaining members of the Crime Patrol to have the trap containing Fu Fang, but when the Ghostbusters were declared the new heroes of New York, the Ghostbusters kept the trap and put Fu Fang into the Containment Unit.