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The Fruit Winders Gang are the main antagonists of the comic strips which feature in the wrappers for the popular childrens' sweets "Real Fruit Winders", sold in the UK by Kellogg's.

This gang contains various members, each of which is an anthropomorphic fruit. At first, each of the dozens of comic strips would feature a member of thee fruit winders gang killing a younger member of their own species and morphing their body into a fruit winder sweet.

As the original design for the sweets was faded out, some members of the gang remained inthe comic in the "Double Trouble" comic strip. In these strips, two members would work together to kill two children at once. The most prolific duo by far was that of Evil Strawberry and Evil Blueberry, whose methods include crushing their victims in luggage, throwing their victims through aeroplane jet engines, and using sound waves to disrupt their internal bodies.

As these characters are always successful in their murder attempts and presumably never caught, they are prime examples of karma houdinis, and they have also shown to be adept masters of disguise when the situation calls for it.

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