Frosty the Snowcone was a character from "The Annoying Orange". Appearing only in the episode of the same name. He is a parody of Frosty the Snowman and Leatherface.


He once lived as a chunk of ice with a bunch of other ice chunks in the freezer until he was fed to the snowcone machine and flavored with red syrup. Frosty was fine at first, but then someone took a huge bite out of his head, and he immediately went berserk and started to go on a killing rampage. He terrorized the kitchen until a couple of police donuts arrested him. Unfortunately, Frosty was able to escape and started feeding his ice chunk friends to the snowcone machine and turned them into an army of psycho killer snowcones.

The Episode

The episode starts with Little Apple and Orange playing video games. Pear then enters the scene and alerts his friends that Frosty has escaped from prison and is loose somewhere in their kitchen home (to which Little Apple and Orange seem strangely unconcerned about). Orange then points out that it must be Frosty. And Pear agrees. When Pear questions how Orange knows this, he makes another one of his usual jokes. Little Apple is confused about how Pear has never heard of Frosty the Snowcone. And Orange then begins to sing a song (which parodies he original Frosty the Snowman song) explaining Frosty's backstory and his down spiral into a mindless (but somewhat intelligent) serial killer who went on a rampage in the kitchen. After the song, Pear is still confused and concerned about Frosty's escape; as well as his friend's overall lack of concern over it all. Pear then finally gives in to play games with his friends. And Frosty's psychotic army of Snowcones appear and drag the fruits away.

It's unknown what happened afterwards. If the fruits survived the attack and defeated Frosty and his army, or if they were killed. And the fate of Frosty and his army is not clear.


Frosty is a red-dyed Snowcone candy with half his head missing. He always has one eyed closed and the other wide open. His stand is splattered with his dye (and presumably blood).


Little is known about Frosty's personality before his psychopathy. But, the song Orange sang suggested that Frosty had a calm and rational personality. But, after his accident, Frosty is now a mindless psychopath with only murder on his mind. And Orange described him as "a killer in his prime". Although, despite this, it seems that Frosty is strategic and somewhat smarter than he may actually appear. As he melted through the floor to escape prison, actually wrote a note in English for the officers, as well as building an army of psychopaths to aid him in killing the kitchen's population (and to possibly challenge the police force).


1: unknown bread-like food (please type the name if you know): Impaled and gored on a chainsaw

2: Ginger Bread Cookie Officer: Chainsawed and destroyed

3 and 4: Bananas: (presumably) killed

5: Tomato-like food (please give actual name If you know): Thrown in a blender and gored

6: Egg: Thrown in a boiling hot pot

7: Orange, Little Apple, and Pear: unknown presumably killed

8: at least 20 Snowcones: All thrown in a snowcone machine and turned into psychopaths.