Weak little hero... your time is at its end. Feel my wrath!
~ Frostwind to the Hero

Frostwind is a long, blue dragon who is the first boss of the 2007 DS game Drawn to Life.

The Hero fights him when Wilfre awakens the dragon from its slumber. His terrain is known as the Snow Mountain. Before the Hero fights Frostwind, they have to spend a pretty good portion of time trying to get the dragon far away from the village.

In battle, Frostwind's attack is shooting icicles from his mouth. To damage him, the Hero must first hit him with a snowball from the Snowshooter that the creator (the player) made which can only be used in this icy world, then he'll fall to the ground and then the Hero must follow up with a ground bounce to his head.

Once he is defeated, a cage that was above the Hero will fall which contains a strange looking Rapo girl named Heather whom has shadow on one side of her face.