Th Red Frostbite Spider

Frostbite Spiders are hostile arachnid creatures featured in the video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They appear as common enemies that the Dragonborn will encounter, primarily in caves and dungeons.


Size and Color

Frostbite Spiers can range in size; from considerably small to giant, and they also very in two colors; red and white, whites being present in snowy environments such as Winterhold.


While engaged in combat with the Dragonborn, a typical Frostbite Spider spits a venomous fluid at him/her, momentarily weakening him/her with poison damage, and afterward lashing at him/her constantly with its mandibles while making disturbing screeching sounds. Many adventurers have wandered into Frostbite Spider territory and ended up killed and eaten, noted by the frequent web-wrapped bodies scattered in their dens. Skeevers, rat-like creatures, are often preyed upon by Frostbite Spiders. After killing a Frostbite Spider, the Dragonborn can harvest its venom, which can be used on weapons.

As a pet



Only one Frostbite Spider was known to be domesticated; Lis, a female Frostbite Spider kept by Gabriella of the Dark Brotherhood. Lis will not attack the Dragonborn unless he/she decides to attack the Brotherhood. Lis is killed after the sanctuary is overrun by Penitus Oculatus agents.


Frostbite Spiders are found mostly in caves and dungeons but can also be seen roaming the wilderness. Despite that Frostbite Spiders are one of Skyrim's most feared creatures (due to their relentless killing nature), they are generally easy to kill, the giants taking a lot more effort than usual.


  • The Frosbite Spider resembles Shelob.