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Monster Manual 5e - Giant, Frost - p155

A common frost giant.

Frost Giants are one of the many races of giants found in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. They are 15 feet tall and weight 1270 kg.

In the world of Forgotten Realms they live in the cold region of Icewind Dale, in small societies led by a jarl and the ordning is determined by an individual's strenght and fighting skills.

They are a very hostile race who live by hunts and raiding the communities of smaller humanoids. They are immune to cold flavoured attacks but vulnerable to fire.

Frost Giants usually fight with axes or by throwing rocks at their foes.

A frost giant appears in one episode of the Dungeons & Dragons animated series.


  • In the first edition through the 4th, Frost Giants were listed as chaotic evil, but in the 5th edition monster manual they are listed as neutral evil.

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