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I start wars, resolve them myself, then I buy up the war-ravaged lands for a low price and make a killing off redevelopment and reconstruction concessions!
~ Frost revealing his true nature

Frost is an anime character from the popular series Dragon Ball. He makes his debut in Dragon Ball Super. He is the secondary antagonist of the Universe 6 Arc.


Frost is the galactic overlord of Universe 6, he is a member of Champa's team and is from Frieza's race.

Frost was the leader of an organization with the mission of ending all the wars in Universe 6, but in reality he was the one who started them in order to gain more rewards and fame. In the past he fought with the space pirates on Planet Mayonna along with Cabba, he also used his final form to fight against an evil-doer, but he unintentionally killed him, after that event he avoided using his final form because he is not able to control his power.


Frost was chosen by Vados to participate along with Hit, Cabba, Botamo and Magetta in the tournament against Universe 7's strongest members.

During the tournament, after Botamo was defeated by Goku, he fought with the latter and was initially overwhelmed by the Saiyan attacks.

Goku asked Frost to show his final form because he wanted to see his full potential, Frost transformed in a form similar to Frieza third form and began to launch energy beams with his fingers and managing to send him to the ground, Goku recovered and transformed into a Super Saiyan, which terrified Frost and began transform into his final form, here he managed to keep up with him, through he is at disadvantage power wise, Frost attacked Goku with a strange punch that left him weak and dizzy, allowing the alien to kick the Saiyan out of the ring and winning the fight.

After his first victory, he was put against Piccolo which was preparing his Special Beam Cannon to attack him, Frost fired multiple death beams to stop him, but Piccolo managed to dodge all of them except one which pierced through his right leg, he then proceeded to wipe out all the fake Piccolo's which were distracting him, Piccolo had no choice but to wrap his left arm around Frost while charging his Special Beam Cannon, however, Frost uses his poison against Piccolo making him feel dizzy and his Special Beam Cannon failed to reach him, Frost caught the occasion to shot him through his chest and causing the Namekian to fall to the ground.

When Frost was going to be declared to be the winner, he was checked by the referee which found a blade on his right arm, Frost revealed to everyone his true nature and personality, the referee than stated to disqualify him, but Vegeta told him to continue the tournament because he wanted to defeat Frost by himself.

Frost quickly charged at Vegeta, however he was knocked out of the ring by a single punch from the latter, he later reappeared with the intent of stealing Champa's treasures, but he was unaware that Hit was following him, without reacting Frost was easily defeated by Hit and brought back to Champa.

After the tournament, Champa and Vados take the unconscious Frost back home so Cabba can expose his true intentions and villainy to Universe 6 and hand him over to the authorities.

But later on, it is revealed that Frost has escaped and is on the run and becomes a fugitive in Universe 6, despite the testimony from Cabba.



  • Like the other members of his race, he has an ice-related name.
  • Frost's true nature as a villain was entirely exclusive to the anime. In the manga, there is no mention of him being a space pirate, nor any indication of him being evil. Frost's use of a concealed weapon during his tournament matches merely stemmed from feeling threatened by his opponents (mostly because his role in the manga was rushed and his story was shortened).

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