Fritz is the primary antagonist in the comic book, Manga Claus: The Blade of Kringle, though he redeems himself after realizing his plans backfired.


Fritz, disgruntled by the fact he that Santa did not agree to raise his position in the workshop, casts a spell on one of the nutcracker toys, which transforms into an animated ninja. He commands his new henchman to infiltrate the main base and wreak havoc, allowing Fritz to prove himself worthy and showcase his mad skills and save the day.

His plans backfire, however, when one of the elves spots the nutcracker ninja, sending the two in a full-frontal battle, which eventually sends the nutcracker into a furnace, causing coal to spew on some nearby teddy bears. The spell, which has been transported to the teddy bears, transforms them into an army of maniacal killers, who run around destroying rooms and elf dormetories.

When Fritz realises the chaos that has erupted, he redeems himself by admitting the truth and his evil plot. Santa commands the elf to bring him his two samurai swords, given to him by sensei Miuaguchi Daisho nearly a century and a half ago, which are his only hope in this case. Santa springs forward and heads for the powerplant immediately where he discovers the ninja teddy bears.

At first, Santa is overpowered by the bears, due to their sheer strength in numbers. However, Fritz finally redeems himself by doing as Santa commands and giving him his swords. Suddenly, Santa is transformed into a buff superhuman and uses his strength and weaponry to defeat the bears. After all have been defeated, one remains. The two jump into action slashing each other in midair, both eventually landing to the ground. The teddy bear then rips in two and an evil spirit is cast out of it. Fritz is given his raise in the end and has fully redeemed himself, gaining Santa's trust in the process.