This could be the end of us.
~ While talking to Reodor
Frimand Pløsen is the main antagonist in Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe. He was a news editor until he got brainwashed by a unsual robot. So then he got megalomaniac and try to kill all the people in Pinchcliffe


Frimand Pløsen is born as a news editor in the Pinchcliffe Times. He basically wants snow because all of the folks is nagging about no snow in Pinchcliffe. Then he steals Reodor's snow machine to get a lot of snow that everyone will die because he wants to beat the world record at best snowstorm of all time.


He's been played by Kåre Conradi.

He basically is a nice guy except mad and crazy.

He turned nice to towards the end of the movie.

He is reference to Chester V in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

Here's Frimand showing Reodor the machine he stole by accident