The Frilled Lizard Leader was a minor antagonist in the Redwall book Martin the Warrior. He was the leader of a clan of lizards who were extremely aggressive and cannibalistic, and abducted and ate all travellers in their swamp. 

The Frilled Lizard Leader and his army of lizards abducted Rose, Martin, Grumm and Felldoh in the journey to Noonvale, and they roped them to wooden poles and guarded them menacingly, constantly feeding them mushroom porridge to fatten them up. The Frilled Lizard Leader was the most evil of his troupe and he eyed them menacingly during the days they were there.

Eventually a little bird came from the Warden of the swamp and the bird took a message from Martin asking the Warden for help. The bird told them the lizards would eat them. Later on, when the Frilled Lizard was attempting to kill Martin for seeking to get free, the Warden interrupted the scene and marched in. The Frilled Lizard tried to act like nothing was happening, so he got his lizards to spread out on Martin and the others and lie still, but the Warden knew they were imprisoned so he challenged the Frilled Lizard to a duel. In the duel, the Warden ate the reptile.