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Wanna know why they call me Frieza? Cause I be the coldest motherfucker in the neighborhood.
~ Frieza

Frieza is a parody from the original Frieza. He first appeared in the video Dragon Ball Zee 2 made by Gonzossm in which he is the main villain. He kills and rapes Goku's friends in a very realistic way.


Frieza appears in the introduction, watching Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Vegeta while evil laughing. He later appears in his final form, getting ready to kick asses.

He starts beating Krilin up, cutting him in two parts, crushing Piccolo's head and brutally raped Gohan. When Vegeta is the last alive, Frieza just jokes about him and his abilities. After a little conversation, Frieza gives him a little advantage of not using his hands so Vegeta's fight wouldn't be so disgraceful for him.

While Vegeta was charging energy to attack, Frieza slaps him with his tail, which was really his dick much to Vegeta's horror. Frieza slaps Vegeta even more leaving him gravely wounded. Then Frieza uses one of his feets just to grab and destroy Vegeta's balls.

Now in the ground, Frieza starts to rape Vegeta with his tail while Vegeta screams of suffering and humiliation. Goku sees this and prepares to fight Frieza but is delayed because of his diarrhea.

In a scene post-credits, Vegeta is seen crying out of pain and Frieza standing in front. Frieza asks Vegeta why everybody calls him Frieza by that name and Vegeta (sobbing on his own blood and Frieza's sperm) about to die says doesn't want to know that and then Frieza tells him it's cause he's the coldest mother fucker in the neighborhood and Frieza forcely puts his tail into Vegeta's mouth raping him again and the video ends with Frieza winning regardless.



Dragon Ball Zee 2 (18 )04:06

Dragon Ball Zee 2 (18 )

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