Friday's Noon is the secondary antagonist of Lady Friday, the fifth book of The Keys to the Kingdom series. He appears as a handsome, blond man with blue eyes, who wears a monocle. He is supposed to be in charge of the High Guild of Binding and Restoration in the Middle House, but in his absence, it is run by Master Binder Jakem, 1st Pressmaster and 1000th in precedence in the House.

Noon, Lady Friday, and Friday's Dusk engage in the practice of experiencing. Noon is a extremely ruthless man and he is sadistic towards Leaf and her fellow Piper's Children. While in Lady Friday's secret fortress, he brutally caught Leaf attempting to contact Arthur via the telephone in Noon's office, and put her into a deep sleep.

When Arthur overthrew Lady Friday, Noon and Dusk escaped punishment with experiencing patches, which put them in a coma-like state whence they could not be woken. Their unconscious bodies were ordered to be locked up with Lady Friday in the Great Maze (presumably the prisons of the Citadel with Sir Thursday). It is unknown whether Noon has remorse his crime like the former Monday's Noon (though less likely), and his ultimate fate is uncertain. He is most likely killed during the fall of the House.