Men are ungrateful. We've protected you for ages, then abandon us for some new god? It's time for man to pay the price.
~ Frey

Frey is the main antagonist of the 2013 action film Vikingdom. He is the brother of Freya.


When Thor threatens to destroy the human race for abandoning the Norse gods, Frey appears to Eirick, and appoints him the task of acquiring the Horn of Helheim, as only an undead could pass through. In reality, Thor was working under the deceitful Norse god, with his ultimate plan being to bring destruction onto all of existence. Throughout the film, Frey manipulates events to bring him closer to his goal.

One of his pawns was Beothric, Eirick's younger brother. Conspiring with the treacherous king, Frey retrieves the Horn when Alcuin seemingly betrays the group. Unfortunately for Beothric, he had outlived his usefulness to Frey; he poisons the king, and his men come upon his lifeless body.

The Blood Eclipse falls upon the horizon, and Thor began to open the gateways to Valhalla, Madrid, and Hel. Eirick, with the help of his teammates, manages to use the horn on the god of thunder, but it doesn't propel Thor. A hooded figure picks up the horn, and reveals himself as being Frey. After taking pleasure out of deceiving the former king, Frey and Thor continue with their conquest, but something goes awry. A portal opens up to devour the two gods; in a twist, Alcuin gave Beothric a replica of the horn, thus proving where his loyalty lied. Frey desperately tries to cling on for his life, but he is sucked into the portal alongside Thor, thus being sealed away for eternity.


  • He is portrayed by Canadian actor Jesse Moss.