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Fresh is one of the main protagonist villains in the movie of the same name as his nickname.

He was portrayed by Sean Nelson.

While the whole plot of the movie involves a good goal overall, it's the one thing Fresh does to Chuckie that makes him kinda no better than he is. While having him killed wasn't the intention, this thoughtless selfishness on Fresh's part had destructive consequences, it involved him getting killed (though Chuckie kinda deserved it)

Fresh in many ways is a darker version of Flipper Purify in Jungle Fever. In the same way Flipper wasn't mean to Angie, but did tell her off in the end, it's the same with Fresh and Chuckie, although Chuckie was dumb unlike Angie.

He uses Chuckie, assuming he's stupid, his own pal to reach his own goal of getting the gangs to fight with each other.

Fresh does questionable things, like engineering the crimes he witnesses himself by the lies he does (though it's not really villainy so much as he's trying to defend himself in the only way he knows how). It's how he uses Chuckie that makes him fairly villainous. 

Fresh would not have been a villain had it not been for that. He is a likable villain however in that he is like Costanza. 

He does seem to be remorseful about it at the end. 

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