Frenchy Cabazon is an antagonist in the 1993 film Cannibal! The Musical. He is played by Robert Muratore, and based on a person in real life

Frenchy is the leader of a trio of trappers, who view miners with concept but take a liking to Alferd Packer's horse, Liane. Shortly after meeting the trappers, Liane runs off, and Packer suspects that the trappers have kidnapped her. Much later, Packer finds Liane in Saguache, Colorado, with Frenchy riding her. In anger, he kicks Frenchy in the crotch repeatedly, giving him a "chipmunk" voice. Later, after Packer is almost (wrongfully) hanged for cannibalism, Frenchy tries to trigger the gallows himself, but the Indian chief encounterd earlier comes to Packer's rescue and beheads him.