Your foolish victory in finding vengeance for your father is truly amusing. I hope you choke on the dark truth once it is revealed!
~ Freeze's final words

The Freeze Roidmude, originally Roidmude 001, also known simply as Freeze, though still referred to as 001 by the others, is one the main antagonists in Kamen Rider Drive. He is one of the Roidmudes, a group of 108 robots, and was one of the first three Roidmudes created by Tenjuro Banno, along with 002 and 003.


Roidmude 001 was among the initial three Roidmudes created by Tenjuro Banno alongside his colleague, Krim Steinbelt, who had provided him with the Core Driviars. 002 was the first to be activated, having been forced to adopt a human form as Banno abused him out of spite. Witnessing to 002's pain, Krim condemned Banno's actions and walked out on the project as Banno proceeded to install negative human emotions into the Roidmude models, starting with the vacant bodies of 001 and 003.

Vowing that his kind would evolve to surpass Banno and humanity itself, the three roidmudes proceeded to murder Banno. Though it seemed that the scientist was killed by his own creations, in reality, his digitized consciousness was preserved and contained by the Roidmudes. The three Roidmudes then proceeded to the home of Krim Steinbelt to kill him as well. However, Steinbelt had his consciousness was uploaded into the Drive Driver upon his death.

Roidmude 001 later assumed the human guise of Soichi Makage, and was able to be promoted to secretary of the National Bureau of Defense, allowing him to establish a strong position in the political world.

15 years later, all 108 Roidmudes emerged and launched an attack on all of human civilization which would be known as the Global Freeze. 001 was among the Roidmudes assaulting Tokyo. They were stopped by the Shift Cars and Kamen Rider Protodrive. He was present when Protodrive announced to a fallen Mr. Belt that he had lost. 001 later brainwashed of Proto-Zero, alongside 002 and 003. Still with his human form's position, he was able to oversee the police activities and inform th other Roidmude Executives.

Months later, when Brain is at wit's end after being bested by Medic numerous times, 001 willingly accepted his call for help. He started by creating new models of Viral Cores called Neo-Viral Cores, which enabled the Roidmudes to evolve by fusing with the intended human allowing them to fuel themselves with their darker heart. He also entrusts Mitsuhide Nira to look after the Special Investigation Unit so that he cano destroy Drive and Chaser) from within.

After Drive separated Sword from Hajime Taga with a SpeeDrop, resulting in the destruction of Sword's body, Roidmude 001 made his appearance and took Sword Roidmude's core as it was floating away.

With the knowledge of Freeze's true identity, Shinnosuke attempts to arrest Makage/001. Makage transforms into the Freeze Roidmude and attempts to erase Shinnosuke's memories centering around his Roidmude form but fails, due to Shinnosuke inheriting the same resistance as his father. With the help of a spiteful Nira, the Special Investigation Unit located the facility holding Freeze's victims in stasis. A battle ensued and Freeze battled Kamen Rider Drive until he was defeated by Drive Type Formula Mantarn's Trailer Impact. However, the defeat only intensifies his humiliation and he achieves the Super Evolution State, reconstructing himself into a new body. Using his newfound power, Freeze kills both Shinnosuke and Krim.

However, thanks to Shift Tridoron and the Special Crime Investigation crew, Shinnosuke and Krim are revived, angering Freeze. Freeze fights the revived Shinnosuke, now transformed into Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron. Drive's new form overpowers Freeze's Super Evolution and weakens. He is defeated when he is hit with a Trailer Impact from Drive Type Tridoron, destroying his body and sending his Core into the sea. Before dying, he resurfaces and said some chilling final words, he is not the one who claimed Eisuke Tomari's life, before his core explodes.

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